my first fully animated music video for an electronic artist from Berlin called ‘Heart Island’ premiered last week. what a good tune.

Out Of Body Experiments

Mobin’s Child … episode #1 Road Rules … more to come

you bury your head
all day for the swine
cos they want your, want your time
you get the penny
they get the dime
they don’t need you, need you alive
don’t give a fuck about your children and wife
tits and ass
money and cars yeah
all that matters is to get your cock hard yeah
dream a dream
live a lie
they promised somethin somethin nice
what can i say
everything has a price
or that’s what they want you to live by
just suck their dick and you’ll be fine
but there’s more of us than the swine
let love be your partner in crime

The Adventures of Flush Gurden … Episode 1 … The Buttrape Demon


After eating a fair amount of black afghan hash cake I took a late night bike ride down the foggy streets to the river Elbe about an hour ago. They have changed most of the nice orangy lights in the suburb to the new plain white ones which can only be a result of a “rational” decision made by people living in the downtown area. While feeling more and more stoned, listening to ‘Sailor Song’ by Rickie Lee Jones, this little songpoem I called ‘Amber Gardens’ came to my mind. I wrote it down and in my stoner fantasy world, where i can’t feel embarrassed like i usually would, cos everyone else seems to be in the same boat, i decided to post it here as well before making it into an actual spoken song… which i probably won’t but right now think i will.

'Amber Gardens' 

When I was a kid
these 1000 square meters were my whole world.
All I knew.
Even the inner city felt like a foreign country.
And they all lived here. 
He-man and King Arthur, Mowgli and the Ninja Turtles. Bret Hitman Hart and Michael Jackson.
I was all of them.
And there was no time. Time didn’t exist.
There was only now and that now has always been and will always be.
Or that’s what i thought.
Since then I have travelled the world. 
Seen lots of unfamiliar and beautiful places. 
Listened to the advice of strangers, went deep into the rainforest, met the girl that i had dreamed up weeks before leaving my small happy old life and got my heart broken to bits after the big city turned me into a helpless neurotic.
Now I’m back in my small old world.
My 1000 square meters.
And they have preserved everything.
Like a rock of amber.
All the feelings I had. All the people I met.
It’s all here.
It’s the place where I start my lucid dreams cos nothing feels more real.
I still don’t know who I am, but this place does and it’s playing chinese whispers.

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